Monday, February 9, 2009


This would have been better entitled The Vagina Blog as in The Vagina Monologue, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I rarely have anything funny to say. This struck me as just that this fine Monday morning. So first thing today, my lady friend and customer tells me about watching the show The Doctors this past week in which they were recommending that women take advantage of the night time to sleep without panties.

So it seems it is good to let "it" breathe. And she asked me did I do this. Well, no, I had never given it any thought. But now I am most concerned that if I don't begin to let "it" breathe that I will soon suffocate "it" after having not had the opportunity much to breathe in the past 45 years. I certainly would not want to kill this part of me!

So tonight, after all these years, I will begin to allow it some breathing time. I am so glad to learn this before it was too late! It will take some getting used to, I am sure but it seems such a small step to healthy living. I will give it a try!

“What can we do
but keep on breathing in and out,
modest and willing, and in our places?”


Jay said...

Hey!--- I am a friend of Danette's, I found you from her profile. I am following this blog now... ;)

this is Hillarious. I have never heard it referred to as that before... but it makes perfect sense. I'm in.

peacegirl said...