Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Joy!

Recently, someone asked me how I was and I responded....."ya know, I have nothing to my name, business is slow, and no real reason for it, but I am just feeling so's kinda strange!" They said, "That's JOY, Paige"~ Wow, I'm not sure I've ever experienced random joy! And it is different than happiness! Happiness is fleeting. Joy is deep down gratitude that no matter what swirls around us, we are blessed!

Today was gift. I spent the entire day doing all the things I love! I began my morning down at the Hilton Garden Inn where the Flint River Roundup was being held. I listened to an AA and an Al-Anon member share their stories of strength and hope. One was funny, the other brought us to tears.

I left there and attended the Lee County Chamber Art Festival. I caught a glimpse of my friend's winning entry. And I won a door prize from "31" gifts, a faith based bag and monogram company representing the Psalms 31 woman. How cool is that?

In the late afternoon, I met face to face my friend, Danette whom I met on myspace. Totally cool chick! Spent some time practicing photography on her and the kids and came home and began tweaking photos in photoshop.

Tomorrow after church I will fix dinner for my sister who has requested spaghetti and apple pie! Yum! Although Mike is sick and has to stay away from me so I won't get sick before I speak next weekend at Serenity Week, everything is blessed. Life is happening right now and to wait for it to come is crap. It is now! Live it and live it with intention......let the random joy come alive in you!

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