Friday, May 6, 2011

Looking for a Hippie

Sometimes I wish I could return to the same mindset of that at eighteen years of age. A time when nothing mattered but the present moment, a time when my ideals were less defined, and a time when I found it exciting to just make a connection with a guy whether he fit the bill or not. Now, why would I wish such things? Everything we learn in our maturity leads us to make better choices in all areas of our lives. This should be good, right? Though it seems, and I speak from my experience, that finding a mate in life as we enter middle age, is not near as easy as when we expected so much less.

So, I ponder, do we expect too much? Are our ideals too lofty for others to meet? Is there even any possible way to find the one whose criteria matches our list? Somewhere along the line of opposites attract and looking for one with similar interests and ideals, I have become confused. I tremble at the thought of living life with an opposite. Yet, with my hippie mentality, I can't help but wonder if two of us similar in nature would have enough get up and go to get much done. Someone has to be responsible, yes? lol...I laugh but in reality I am tired of being the driving force in managing life. In my fantasy, I desire a responsible hippie. Yes, I'm confident...this would complete me. * thinking as I recede into my little world of day dreaming*

Sometimes in my quest to align myself with reality, I admit I google random thoughts just to see if anyone out in the atmosphere ever has thought the same. Such was the case just recently. I decided to google Looking for a Hippie *giggles*. Okay, you may laugh with me but don't think me insane because suprisingly enough I found that there are, indeed, others who wish upon the same star. I ran across a Hippie Forum where hippies looking for other hippies can make exchanges. Lo and behold, I found that many free spirits are wanting to share their lives with like-minded ones. I felt a bit of comfort in the fact that all of my ponderings on this are not futile. I have now determined that the philosophy we hear of opposites attract has little validity and perhaps I have come to a better mindset by evolving into a likeness attract way of thinking. 

I feel more confident now that I have settled this matter within myself. I would be well to note here that I did not join the forum....I still believe in the natural occurence of events and will hold out, continuing to keep my heart and mind open for the one. I've noticed that I have a tendency to rationalize potential mates into being the one I would want. I've also noticed that I stay in a quandry mentally when I do this love that I'm feeling? I think I may be growing up, I no longer find myself interested when confusuion sets in. I feel like I have shifted positions...finally...from caring who likes me but rather who is it that I like. It's taken quite the years to love myself enough to want the very best for me.

Dreams come true and without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them 
J. Ruskin.

We don't just dream because we are unhappy with our lives, we dream because the nature of life around us 'incites' us to look at what else we can have in our lives.

Music: Lenny Kravitz ~ Let Love Rule


Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

I hope you find that special someone. Life is better with someone you love and who loves you too.

I'm glad to see your muse again.

peacegirl said...

Thanks, Darlene. Do you think I should run an ad in the classifieds? lol

skydog said...

Ok, freaky. Let me tell you something about finding love. Forget about it. Because that's when it happens, when you least expect it.

peacegirl said...

I'm becoming more comfortable just knowing, Skydog, more about me. Not so much 'looking' as I am discovering what makes my heart sing. I'm already totally convinced that synchronicity will avail itself in the exact time and space and honestly...that's kind of exciting. So I just mosey on with my spontaneous life as it is not knowing when or who will happen along. Thanks, E, for your encouragement.

wendy said...

E is right. When love is ready for you, it will find you. There ain't no hiding from it either. Ya just gotta trust that the man upstairs has a plan for you and will get around to it in his own sweet time. Perfectly wonderful blog.

Jayne said...

The natural occurence of events exactly. Hold out. It will happen. ;)

Shopgirl said...

Very thought provoking. Though, let's redefine middle age as "prime of our lives" shall we?

Loved the final line:

We don't just dream because we are unhappy with our lives, we dream because the nature of life around us 'incites' us to look at what else we can have in our lives.

peacegirlplace said...

Oh, girlie....I like that so much better. Middle age sounded old. But "prime" is a whole new attitude ♥

Thank you for that!