Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chapter 12 Changed My Life

If there was one item, I could have thousands of, it would be this book, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life. I used to buy many of them every time I happened upon it to give to my friends! I haven't ran across it in a while. It is a very, very old book, written in 1890 by Hannah Whitall Smith. It still applies today as if not one minute has passed since it was written.

About eight years ago, I was given this book by my pastor. I was sent out the door with specific instructions to read chapter 12. "Is God in Everything?" I bet I have read this particular chapter thousands of time and the book itself, more than I can count. I always refer to Chapter Twelve as a gift from God that changed my life.

Perspective is everything. If our human perspective was on the mark, we would see everything clearly, have the solutions, and never question anything. Then we would be sorta like God, would we not? But the fact is, my perspective is distorted. I came to recognize this and that my goal is to see things from God's perspective. That neither comes naturally. It is only by studying Him that we learn His perspective.

The fact is, nothing comes to us unless it passes through God first. It is not happenstance that sends circumstances our way. It is God allowing it. Therefore, He is in everything! Awwww...the peace that comes from knowing that! Yes, I forget sometimes when me, on my little own, take a look at things. But I am always brought back to Chapter Twelve.

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