Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living and Learning

January, a year ago, I returned to college to pursue a lost passion in the Arts. I am so enjoying learning a variety of things, mostly in the area of technology and the Arts and a mixture of the two. This semester I am loving my Computer Art class and thought I would post my first project. It actually looks a bit different than this since my version of Photoshop won't support layer effects, therefore, some of the colors are different and I had to remove a few elements to show you!

The project called for us to scan 3 dimensional items, including one body part( which I deleted). Don't worry, it was my hand in the form of a peace sign! Fitting, don't you think! My teacher isn't quite seeing things from my perspective, but, hey, we gotta follow our own ideas, right? Anyway, the items were to represent "ourselves" in some way!

So this is me and my representation!

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