Thursday, March 19, 2009

Serenity Weekend

Sound good? Yes, just the thought of it soothes my soul! I am headed to Serenity Weekend tomorrow and have been preparing all week like a mad woman. By the time I arrive, I will take it down a notch and let the rest of the world roll by. It is held in a absolutely gorgeous place where everything is blooming, rocking chairs line the front porch, a balcony for late night chats, and lots of wisdom and love amongst the fellowship.

My only requirements for the weekend is to ensure the photography and entertainment. When the opening on the committee presented itself for these two things, my hand raised itself. How great to combine two loves with a beautiful weekend!

We've had to make some changes in our weekend from its usual routine and hold our gatherings in a different location. But we will now be located, get this, in Peace Chapel. It is a tiny little church building with the most awesome cross steeple atop it, stain glassed windows, and a glass ceiling where you can see the blue of the sky. Am I disappointed in these changes? Well, we had to shuck the comfort of the previous couches but I think God has placed us higher.

I am trying to allow God to take over as I been asked to share my story on Saturday night. I always tend to get a bit in knots before hand, until I let God have me to do as He wills. In the last year, I have found that to let God speak for me relieves all the tension I feel in trying to do it on my own. He is miraculous that way, ya know!

Well, I just felt like blogging this today because the excitement is welling inside of me and it helps to spill it out. I will be sure to come back and share with you my meeting with God. Peace to you♥