Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Blogspot's been well over a year since I've been here. Things over on myspace have become mundane and slow this summer so I thought I'd come back to this page o'mine and revamp. I fiddled a bit here with the background but I see it will take some gettting used to new things to redo so I'll keep working at it and see what I come up with. My creativity seems to be eluding me these days which has me frustrated to no living end. I have this overwhelming desire to do something but no idea what it is.I read not long ago that it is really not a creative lull but quite the opposite in that so many ideas swirl, it is difficult for me to make sense of any of them. I agree! I also read that it is better to attempt than to just sit among the confusion. Lately, I am making attempts. Still nothing complete, but attempts none the less.

I've spent much of the summer sneaking here and there snapping fotos of people, places, and things. Photography brings me peace and keeps me focusing on the simple things in life like playing in the fountains, frogs, flowers, and swimming in the creek. It keeps me out of the "woe is me" and into all the creator has placed before me. It came to me today in a moment, something I had let slip from mind, and that is "When I got busy, I got better". Now that doesn't mean busy as in being overly involved in activities but busy as in actively keeping my mind focused on the thing before me, the things I love to do.Today, it was something so simple as watering the plants on the porch versus sitting on the swing worrying about things out of my authority. I love simple philosphies...that work :)

The truth of the matter is the economy has me in a stew of worry.Single parenthood can be frightening when it somes to security or at least I am finding it so. Reality is telling me to prepare in what way I can as I have not felt the complete brunt of what is to come. So I feel like I am living quite on the edge. I think it's time to conquer some of my creative fears and open myself up to new directions, new ideas.

Worry is a horrible thing. I am battling it as I can't ever remember having done. I'm clinging to the promise of daily manna and willing myself to trust more. It is, indeed, a battle. But this soldier will not give up ... I will seek peace and pursue it one day at a time, one moment at a time. Less is More .... I just have to adjust.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you blogging off myspace, somewhere I can actually comment! I could use a heavy dose of peace myself, Peacegirl. Life is good and I know I'm blessed but the economy, kids... life has been anything but stress free. Like you, I try to focus on simple things. I water my garden, soak up sunshine, take a swim... and then I don't just know I'm blessed, I FEEL it.

Danette's World said...

Ahhhh Paige... you read my mind like a book. I saw your comment on my blog and I about cried. The ecomony has me in a tizzy too and you are right, being a single mommy in today's time is very frightening. Not knowing where the $$ is coming from for this and that and juggling what you do have to make it work. I believe in God, I trust in Him, you know that but I guess like I wrote yesterday and have been thinking for a long time, maybe I don't trust enough. The fire burned out long time ago and I gotta figure some way to make it glow again! You know I am praying for you and I love you bunches! CAll me and we can combine our resources and come up w/ a FAB meal on the patio!!

kdgator said...

Good to read you here. :-)


peacegirl said...

Wow, you three made my day by even peeking in. You're right, Katy, there are times we "feel it" instead of just knowing it. And I am betting not one of those times has to do with how much money we have. I know these things and that further frustrates me that I waiver so in my faith. Thus "Keeping it Simple" seems to be the only steady peace I receive. And really, shouldn't it be that way?

Misha said...

why, hello there ~:)

i'm digging your groovy background. how did you do that?


*thanks for being my first follower!

peacegirl said...

Hi Mish....just checked back in here. Thank you. I like it for the moment. Liked the last one though too ;) And maybe I'll do another. Um, somewhere (I will look and see) you can choose backgrounds, fonts, etc. There are also sites (google it) for backgrounds. I know you are laughing at my shady instructions. (as usual) I can't think right this sec without going to look.