Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jigs, Juleps, and Soul Birds

Oh, the treasures I find........found this cutie book at the Goodwill and just loved the cover but was even more tickled when I began reading it. It contains short stories written by a 10 year old in the 20's. The stories were found in an attic and later published. They are stories to her teacher from her perspective. Here's a taste of what she has to say about Etiquette in Church:

The Baptist Church is next door to our church. They sing as loud as they can all the time we are trying to pray. I bet the Lord can't hear one word we say. The Baptists sing about plunging sinners in a bloody fountain drawn from Emmanuel's veins. We sing about Crown Him Lord of All. I think it is much more ladylike to crown the King than to be plunging around in a bloody fountain. I took the cotton off my finger once and stuffed it in my ear on the Baptist side. But just once. My mother attended to that."

Without a doubt, my new favorite book!

"Deep within each of us lies the soul, and in the soul lives a special bird. The soul bird opens and closes drawers of the soul, where all of our feelings reside There is a drawer for jealousy, one for happiness, one for love, one for every human emotion. Only the soul bird holds the keys to these drawers and opens them as we ask it to."
I just love special finds

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