Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a Junk Junkie

Hi...I'm Paige...and I'm a junk addict!

My junk of choice is generally vintage 60 and 70 era stuff. And up until recently, this was the junk people did not want. I would find all sorts of treasures at yardsales, thrift stores, etc. because no one wanted this stuff. But now, all of a sudden, it's trendy.

My sweetie and I spent the day on Saturday junking his town and found us a few treasures. But mostly, just had us a sweet time time together. He prefers genuine antiques, I prefer stuff I can slap a coat of paint on. So I tease him when he says "look at this old piece".......I say "yeah, it would look good painted RED"~

What I love about days like this is gathering ideas! But this usually leads to collecting and searching for a whole new set of things. This trip's winning idea:

Now, we have all seen these big, massive, usually odd colored vintage ashtrays. Who wants them? Now....ME,ME. ME! How cool they look when all hung and arranged together.

My sweetie hates that I want to put these old hats on my head! But aren't they irresistible?

So this time I just had to settle for pictures on mannequin heads...........

but all in all, we had a fabulous day junkin!


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