Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy is........

The move is complete! The blessing of this new home is overwhelming. And to think, a month ago, I could not for the life of me make the decision to do it. So you see, Happy really is what we make it!

Once the action started rolling up and over the hill and things began to come together, there is no doubt God has brought this family to a better place. But I wrestled with Him a long time before I surrendered to His plan. And it was , looking back, a ridiculous time.

As always, I could not get Chapter 12 (The Christians Secret to a Happy Life) out of my mind. Is God in Everything? Yes, God is in the smallest of details. The reality is to get me to turn to Him over and again. I did this everyday during the course of this life changing event because you see, yesterday's grace is not sufficient for today. Everyday and in every minor happening I need grace again and again. He offers it continually, it is I, who fails to ask.

God has shown me a little about unconditional love through this moving experience also. A few folks who have gone over anything I could ask to help me have exhibited this love to me. I kept thinking of ways I could repay each of them. Finally, I decided there is nothing I can do to express my sincere gratitude other than giving them the same unconditional love back. Because it truly is the greatest gift of all.

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